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Fat Bruning Program

If you are looking to challenge yourself with a new level of intensity this program is for you.

  • Program designed to increase lean body mass, increase muscle definition, decrease body fat and boost your metabolism

  • Email and telephone support from experienced industry professional Andrew Pilgrim to assist with any questions you have.

  • Workout anywhere with no equipment required


What's Involved

You receive a detailed plan of what to do each session over the 6 weeks including instructional videos for each exercise to guide you every step of the

way.  4 sessions are provided each week (24 in total) and contain a mix of cardio and strength exercises

How Often

With 4 new sessions provided each week you will never get bored.  It is recommended you do all 4 sessions each week but if you miss a session you could make that up in later weeks. 



The programs are able to be done anywhere with minimal space required.  You can complete in the privacy of your own home or in a suitable outdoor space.  The actual exercise days can be chosen to suit your own individual circumstances and lifestyle.

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