Am I charged for sessions that I don’t attend?


Definitely not for the outdoor strength and cardio session sessions.  That is the good thing about StepOut Group Fitness.  We understand that there are times when work, family commitments, illness etc prevent you from attending.  Sessions are only counted when you are there.  For the spin and studio sessions 12 hours notice is usually required for all cancellations due to the limited number of places available.



 I am very unfit.  Can I join your sessions without feeling self-conscious?


Absolutely.  Every session allows you to exercise at your own fitness level and you can be assured that there will be others of a similiar level to you.


Do I need to book or can I just show up?


For the regular outdoor strength abd cardio sessions you can just show up.  Remember to bring a towel and drink bottle.  For the Spin classes and studio sessions bookings are essential as there are limited spaces available.



 I have an injury that may prevent me from performing certain activities.  Can I still attend?

Absolutely. If there is a certain exercise that you cannot do then you will be given an appropriate alternative.

Why choose Stepout Group Fitness over other fitness options?

Stepout operates all year round so that you are able to get yourself into an all important routine. Exercise technique is a priority and all sessions are designed to suit all fitness levels.  You can be assured of receiving a high level of support and encouragement along the way.