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StepOut Group Fitness is a group and personal training business which operates out of its functional indoor training studio and outdoors at Shaw Park at Valley's Hockey Club on Shaw Road, Wavell Heights. Stepout Group Fitness ran it's first session in October 2002 and is proud to say that it has many clients who have been training for many of those years.  This has created a very friendly atmosphere with like-minded people. Stepout Group Fitness was developed with the idea of making supervised exercise enjoyable and affordable.  

With your very own functional gymnasium set up each session in the beautiful outdoors, or in our functional training studio why would you train anywhere else?  We use a large variety of equipment including barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, benches, ropes, tyres, kegs, suspension straps…the list goes on.  This creates endless exercise options, all of which require you to activate not only your large muscle groups but also your core and stabilising muscles.  This type of workout cannot be achieved inside a conventional gymnasium using machines. 

Also available is Brisbane’s only outdoor spin cycle class, overlooking Shaw Pk.  With 10 spin bikes available, this is a low impact cardio session performed to music.  Combining continuous work with interval sets, you are taken on a challenging journey with the luxury of knowing that you are always able to work at a pace and level that is suitable for you. 

StepOut Group Fitness prides itself on ensuring that each exercise  is not only of great benefit but is performed correctly and to your level of ability.  Every session is designed to maximise energy expenditure so that you are giving yourself every chance of achieving a negative energy balance i.e. you are expending more energy than you consume over the course of the day.  The emphasis is on working at the highest level you are able to whilst still performing each movement correctly and safely.




A combination of strength and cardio exercises set in a circuit style where you get to control the level of intensity that you work at.  This session uses a wide range of equipment including suspension straps, dumbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, sand bags, agility ladders, resistance bands, kettle bells, etc.  There is maximum variety in these sessions to ensure you are continually motivated. Emphasis is placed on performing the correct technique with all exercises.  Suits beginner level to those with advanced fitness level.



Brisbane's only outdoor spin class set in beautiful Kalinga Park.  A stationary cycle class set to music utilising a combination of endurance training methods.  Work at your fitness level in this low impact training session.  



A boxing workout utilising a range of punches and combinations along with other boxing related exercises.  You are taught the correct punching technique to ensure maximum benefit and safety.  Suits all levels from beginner to advanced.

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